The job search and everything involved with making it successful can be a stressful time. Many experts give the advice that you should treat it just like any other full time job. Wake up every day on schedule, get ready for your day, and start hunting for jobs either online or in person. There are a few other things you can do to stand out to employers. Here are five surefire ways you can stand out in your job search.


  1. Create a digital portfolio. Look on sites such as to see if your first and last name plus “.com” is available. It won’t be too expensive to purchase and it is a good idea to have ownership of your name online to maintain control of content. Using a product such as WordPress create a website that showcases your skills and experience. Include your resume, presentations, and anything else that represents you as a professional. Don’t forget to have a blog and update it at least once a week with professional content.
  2. Improve your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn, like any other networking tool, is only as good as the information it contains and how you use it. You can’t simply create a profile and expect employers to come to you. Make sure your headline reflects your skills and interests. Add links to your online portfolio. Join local groups and begin interacting with them by answering questions and sharing useful information.
  3. Be active on social media. LinkedIn isn’t the only place employers are looking for new candidates. Start a Twitter account and share your blog posts along with any other useful information about your industry. Make sure your Facebook privacy settings are up to date and that your public information is professional. Join groups and participate in conversations.
  4. Get a recommendation. The best way to find a new job is through networking. This holds true whether it is face to face or online. If you get a recommendation directly to the company they are much more likely to speak with you about their needs. Make connections that can help you.
  5. Take initiative in your search. The other thing that employers like to see is a candidate who takes control over their own job search. You have to be your own advocate first. When you attend an interview, take initiative to show them how hiring you would benefit the company. Come prepared. Follow up without being pushy.

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