Welcome to ProSource Staffing

Thank you for visiting the ProSource Staffing website. While our website talks about what we do, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about what we believe.

At ProSource, our mission is to be the staffing provider and employer of choice by helping people and companies achieve their goals. But, how do we do that?

We invest in long-term partnerships, with both clients and candidates. We believe that investing in long-term relationships has long-term benefits. Our clients trust that we put their best interest first; this commitment helps our partners reach their goals.

We thrive on challenges and have developed a variety of services to meet the needs of our clients, and help with their toughest hiring challenges.

Our focus doesn’t end with our clients. Our employees are our best asset. We are committed to creating and supporting Houston’s best flexible workforce. We do this first by caring about our employees and working with them to understand their unique goals and provide the job that works best for them – and their continued career success.

Since 1997, it has been our privilege to work with Houston-area businesses and job seekers – and we look forward to many more years of sharing in your success!


Ann Bedford-Flood
President and Founder