Why You Should be Hiring for Potential – and Not Just Credentials

Why You Should be Hiring for Potential – and Not Just Credentials

Hiring for skills is just one of the many facets of making the right decision on a new employee. Reading a resume and having one or two meetings may not paint the entire picture. Since the recession hit employers have been taking a hard line when it comes to hiring for skills. They want to be as specific as possible and only the exact experience will make a candidate successful. However, this has not always been the case. Employers who hire for potential see higher retention and success rates. How do you hire for potential?

3 Things to Look for When Screening Potential Employees

  1. Evaluate their aptitude.

    Not all employees are equal. When evaluating potential it you need to look at which characteristics they possess that will make them excel in your company. The perfect candidate may have fewer years of experience than others with whom you’ve interviewed. Look at this candidate’s overall competency. This is made up of skills, abilities, and knowledge, as well as their personality.

  2. Talk about experience and goals.

    Patterns of performance in previous experience should influence your decision more than their exact experience. Were they someone trusted with additional responsibilities? Did they volunteer for new projects? Were they recognized for their contribution? You also want to know about where they see their career in the years to come. This is how they will be motivated to do a good job for your company.

  3. Build an enthusiastic team.

    No individual employee will be successful if the team isn’t willing to work together effectively and efficiently. You want to assemble a team that drives innovation and this will reflect your overall business success. Individuals who are hungry and looking to achieve the next level will be very interested in working together for the common good. Look for potential in the ways the new employee can work with your current team.

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