5 Toxic Behaviors That You Should Eliminate Today

5 Toxic Behaviors That You Should Eliminate Today

Is there a problem with negativity in your workplace? Or maybe you’re noticing some unhealthy patterns among your employees. If so, it is important that this problem is solved immediately before there are any repercussions that are impossible to solve. If you see toxic behaviors happening in your office you must handle them and stop them from reoccurring immediately. Here are 5 really bad things that could be affecting your workplace today.

  1. Playing the victim.

    When someone is always playing the “poor me” card, they may be a professional victim. In truth, lots of people have bad days for a variety of reasons but when someone is consistently in this boat, there may be other behaviors at play. For example, someone with abusive tendencies will often suggest it is the other person’s fault for their behavior.

  2. Manipulative games.

    Often taking the victim routine to the next level, someone who is master manipulator works hard at getting what they want often to another person’s expense. Sometimes this is accompanied by passive aggressive behavior. It is sometimes difficult to determine if someone is being manipulative, so you need to be on high alert once you have concern.

  3. Judgmental behavior.

    When an individual is overly judgmental, it also doesn’t fare well for the environment around them. Judgmental people will influence the ways others behave simply by creating impossible scenarios that no one can live up to. This could create a hostile work environment for anyone your judgmental employee determines isn’t good enough.

  4. No compassion or empathy.

    Some sociologists believe that empathy is one of the defining traits of communities, but there is also a fear that many people are losing this sense. Empathy is the ability to understand why someone is acting a certain way. When people lose all sense of empathy, it can be difficult for groups to work together.

  5. Overwhelming negativity.

    Finally, someone who is consistently negative will also, in time, infect everyone they come across. It is apparent that whenever they discuss anything it is always with a negative spin rather than looking at the bright side. This can become overwhelming in any environment. If someone is unable to grasp solutions over complaints, you may need to take action.

Do you see any of these toxic traits in your employees? ProSource can help you put together a positive team, so contact us today!