A Healthy Workplace Starts with Healthy Living at the Top

A Healthy Workplace Starts with Healthy Living at the Top

As a manager, have you been reading about health and wellness initiatives that will help make your company better? If so, you may be missing out on the most important factor that these articles or advice columns never mention. You need to lead by example. If you don’t start with your health and wellbeing you won’t be setting the right example for your team. Here are some ways you can be a healthier manager today.

  • Eat breakfast.

    Everyone is guilty. You slosh the coffee in the travel mug and bolt out the door in time to pull into your parking spot as the clock strikes eight. If you’re feeling particularly lucky, you may grab an edible bar of some sort and scarf it down in the car. These bad habits have to stop. When professionals say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they’re not just making that stuff up. Protein, in particular, is extremely important to start your day with the right energy levels.

  • Exercise regularly.

    Eating well is a good first step, but once you master that part it is time to add in exercise. The morning is a great time to do that, too. Get up early and hit the gym. Or take those towels off the treadmill in your bedroom and plug it back in. Once you’re done with your exercise, you can eat that healthy breakfast we just talked about.

  • Make time for health.

    Most importantly, for both, it is essential that you make time for these things. Everyone says they’ll do it tomorrow, but then tomorrow happens and it doesn’t get prioritized. Instead, make sure you give yourself time to eat well and exercise every day. You may have to borrow time from something else, but your health is important enough.

  • Offer options for staff.

    Once you are demonstrating good, healthy habits on a regular basis make sure that you can pass these values on to your staff. Give them the time they need to focus on their own health or tools, like gym memberships and healthy snacks, to make better choices every day. Now that you’re leading by example, they are more likely to follow up on their own healthy habits.

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