Do You Appreciate Your Employees? Or Take Them for Granted?

Do You Appreciate Your Employees? Or Take Them for Granted?

Research shows that employees who feel appreciated are much more likely to remain loyal to their company and achieve more. Your success as a company rests on the shoulders of your employees and in order to ensure that they are satisfied you need to demonstrate that you are grateful for their hard work. Employees who do not feel this way are generally unmotivated and dissatisfied. While they work for you they may do low quality work or simply quit without notice. Do you know if you appreciate your employees or have you fallen into the trap of taking them for granted? Here are some things to look for.

Ask for feedback.

The most important step to appreciating your staff is to listen to them when they come to you with feedback. Ask them to regularly provide their thoughts about their job, their work environment, and ideas they have. Use their feedback to improve your business. Employees who don’t feel like their feedback is heard won’t say anything and will eventually leave, frustrated.

Reward excellent work.

Dissatisfied employees quit jobs when they feel their work is not valued. To stop this from happening you can create easy and inexpensive recognition programs. Don’t be afraid to praise someone in front of the rest of the team. This will allow everyone to know that they will get the same recognition if they perform well.

Provide perks.

Perks, as opposed to rewards, are not available only for those who do good work. These are things that are available to everyone in the office. It could be a discounted gym membership, summer hours, or healthy foods available in the break room. These are added incentives that make your company a good place to work.

Go above and beyond.

This doesn’t mean micromanage your employees. In fact, it means quite the opposite. Going above and beyond as a manager is all about getting your hands dirty when your staff needs extra help. It is about sending a hand-written thank you note to your employee’s home for no reason at all.

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