Assessing Work Culture for Pasadena Texas Jobs

Assessing Work Culture for Pasadena Texas Jobs

When you start a temporary job you may not be thinking too much about whether or not you would fit into their corporate culture. However, even for short term assignments success often hinges on your ability to stay motivated and get along with the current staff. How do you assess the work culture of a company before you start a temporary job?

4 Tips to Consider When Assessing Work Culture

  • Notice how management and staff interact. The best way to see how you will be treated on a temp job is to gauge how supervisors and management treat their own permanent staff or any other temporary employees in the office. This can give you a pretty good idea if you will be comfortable in the environment.
  • What are the policies on breaks and lunches? The Fair Labor Standards Act in Texas does not require companies to provide paid breaks or lunches. However, most companies do offer unpaid breaks and lunch hours to their employees. Working without a break, paid or otherwise, can be discouraging to employees to it is good to know their policies.
  • What is the dress code? The company dress code will be specifically influenced by the overall corporate culture of the organization. Your comfort level with whatever is required will be entirely personal on your part. Do you have a professional wardrobe that you can wear to an office that requires it? Would you prefer to work in a business casual atmosphere?
  • How are you treated as a temp employee? Finally, you should try to evaluate how you are being treated as a temporary employee. Is it different that the permanent staff members? Do you feel valued as a contributor? Do you feel that you are treated as replaceable by your supervisors? This will all provide some sense of your experience while working at the company.

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