Can a Tweet Really Cost You a Potential Job?

Can a Tweet Really Cost You a Potential Job?

Can A Tweet Really Cost You A Potential Job

The use of social media to vet new employees is still very much in a legal gray area.

There are some problems with simply Googling someone and determining they are not a fit for your company. But this isn’t iron clad. There are many ways where your internet presence can influence your job search in a completely legitimate and legal way.

One aspect in particular is Twitter. Since the site is public all of your tweets are available to a vast audience. If an employer sees something that is not in line with their values they may decide not to hire you for their job. So what can you do about it?

Twitter Safety Tips to Follow For Job Seekers

Be Careful With Photo

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is in posting inappropriate photos. Photos depicting heavy drinking, nudity, or illegal acts can absolutely reflect on your character and will heavily influence an employer’s decision to hire you or not. Other social media sites have better privacy filters so if you feel the need to post these types of photos keep them where only close friends and family can see them.

Don’t Talk Badly About Former Employers

Another red flag that businesses look for is whether or not a potential candidate has ever said a negative thing publically about their former employers. Did you post a complaint about your boss being overly strict or not approving your vacation time three years ago? You may not even remember doing this but an employer could find it and if so they have a right to be concerned.


Focus on Communication

Of course, another pit fall to avoid is the over use of text speak in tweets. Even with only 140 characters to work with you can still spell out You instead of U. Employers are concerned that the generation of Twitter users are losing the ability to communicate professionally and all the signs indicate they may be correct. Learning how to be effective with just a few characters is an art that is worth learning.

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