Congrats You Passed the First Interview! Now what?

Congrats You Passed the First Interview! Now what?

Very few candidates today only have one interview before receiving a job offer. Companies want to ensure that they are hiring the right person and may have a second or even a third meeting to assess how a candidate will fit in with their office environment. You deserve a hearty congratulation if you’ve gotten a call for a second interview but don’t rest on your laurels or expect that you have it in the bag. The second interview is just as important, if not more important, than the first. Here are some things to keep in mind for your second meeting.

Evaluate Your Performance from Your First Interview.

Never leave an interview thinking you aced it. You don’t need to be unnecessarily cruel to yourself but really judge your performance and look at the things you could improve. Then work on improving them for the second interview.

Expect More of Everything.

For a second interview you are more likely to meet a variety of people within the office, be asked more specific questions about your job experience as it relates to their need, and spend more time.

Plan to Meet with Multiple People.

Knowing that you will meet more it is important to prepare for that. They really want to see how you interact with others in the department, management, and the rest of the staff.

Ask Plenty of Questions Yourself.

Job seekers are always advised to ask questions in interviews. In the first meeting these questions may be general but for the second you want to use things you learned in the first interview to develop questions to ask at the second.

Follow Up with Everyone You’ve Met.

You sent a thank you note after your first interview, right? This might be one of the reasons you were called for a second. Don’t forget to do it this time, too. Get the contact information of everyone you met with and send a personal note or an email.

Are You Ready to Ace Your Second Interview?

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