How to Create Irresistible Job Postings

How to Create Irresistible Job Postings

Your job posting is the first window into your company for job seekers. Just like their resume needs to wow you with their experience and accomplishments, your job posting needs to provide the right incentive for an applicant to reach out in the first place. So how can you create a job posting that is absolutely irresistible? Here are a few tips.

Don’t use pretentious job titles.

A job title should be translatable to a resume. Job titles like “director of first impressions” sounds catchy when you think of it, but in the end it doesn’t actually mean anything. Receptionist is a perfectly fine word that can be translated across industry platforms. The attempt to be cute or forward thinking can sometimes backfire when it comes to attracting the right candidates.

Describe why they want to work for you.

While the candidate needs to sell you on why they can do the job, you also need to sell them on the reasons they want it in the first place. Describe your work environment and why it might be a great place to settle in for a career. Talk about growth potential and additional bonuses and benefits.

Describe the best aspects of the role.

There are always problems and challenges with any job. Leading with these will drive the right people away. A true problem solver can manage everyday problems. And, if these problems are more systemic you may not need a new employee but a complete business overhaul. Focus on the positives instead.

Be clear about requirements.

What are the key skills that the right candidate needs to have in order to be successful in this role? Focus on those rather than a laundry list of every duty they might have to tackle while in the job. Be clear about what you’re looking for as far as employee experience and skills.

Make it easy to apply.

Finally, in today’s digital world more and more people are job searching from their phones rather than a desktop computer. This means the application process needs to be easy, but not too easy. Offer an “apply now” button but give them a field where they can provide a short cover letter that describes their interest.

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