Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Workplace Culture

Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Workplace Culture

A healthy office isn’t just about wellness initiatives or fruit in the breakroom. To have a truly healthy workplace culture you need to ensure that all aspects of the employee experience are taken into consideration. This should encompass physical health, mental health, motivation, and celebration. Creating a workplace environment that is engaging and productive is critical to the success of your company. To do so, keep these few ideas in mind.

Focus on Communication

Often the biggest and most correctable workplace challenge is communications. Sometimes employees don’t feel as though they are being kept in the loop about situations happening in the office. When this happens they also don’t feel as though they need to communicate effectively to management. Make sure communications, and transparency, is a priority in your office.

Hire for Diversity

Diversity doesn’t just mean cultural, it also means hiring for people who think and do things differently. When you have a homogenous group in your office some things can fall through the cracks because everyone is approaching a task the same way. You need true diversity of thought in your office so new ways of thinking are encouraged.

Ask for Help When You Need it

As a manager you may feel as though your role is to maintain order and supervise the work. However, it is just as easy for a manager to become overwhelmed. If you do and don’t ask for help when your employees feel stressed they will follow the same path. Encourage a sharing economy within your office by making it accepted and okay to ask for help when it is needed.

Listen to Your Staff

Lastly, the best thing you can do to encourage communication, diversity of thought, and helpfulness in the office is to listen to your staff. Give your team an opportunity to share their challenges as well as praise for each other, the company, or the job overall. Communications needs to be a two-way street so listening is as important as speaking. Engage in regular forums or offer a suggestion box that your staff can access at all times.

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