Don’t Underestimate The Potential of Referrals When Looking for Your Next Job

Don’t Underestimate The Potential of Referrals When Looking for Your Next Job

Did you know that most companies say their biggest resource for hiring new talent is through referrals? Sadly, most job seekers don’t even list referrals on their list of job hunting resources. That means there is a huge disconnect between those looking for jobs and those willing to hire them. If you’re on the market for a new job, consider reaching out to your connections to find your next opportunities. Here are some things to consider.

  • Get involved on LinkedIn.

    Far too many job seekers ignore the professional networking tool. LinkedIn has both good and bad features, but it is still the most utilized social network for businesses. Create and complete your profile, get involved in groups, connect with professionals from your past with whom you still have a positive relationship. LinkedIn isn’t an overnight fix, but it will help with a long term strategy.

  • Let your social network know.

    When you are in the market for a job, it is time to let people know that you’re available for opportunities. Start with LinkedIn, but also look into your other networks. Let friends and family know on Facebook. Tell people you run into at the bank or grocery store. The more people who know, the more possible connection you’ll make for people who are willing to refer you.

  • Attend events in your town.

    Take advantage of networking events in your town. Go to local business meet ups. Go to conferences and seminars. Get out and meet people who will be willing to share your information with their employers. This kind of networking is often key to finding a new position but few job seekers take advantage of it.

  • Meet up with old connections.

    Finally, reach out to your former connections. Ask to meet up for coffee or lunch. For people you know well, offer to meet up for happy hour. These casual, friendly conversations can open the door to potential opportunities. Catch up and find out what your former co-workers and bosses are doing today.

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