Interviewing Techniques that Work

Interviewing Techniques that Work

Want to know the secret to conducting a great interview?

It’s simple. Plan ahead.

While it’s common knowledge that in order to perform well in a job interview you should always do your homework, the same goes for those of us sitting on the other side of the table.

When you conduct an organized, well-thought out interview, you’re far more likely to find the right candidate for your organization.

The following are a few tried and true interviewing techniques designed to get results.

Come prepared

You expect your potential candidates to arrive at an interview fully prepared so why shouldn’t you be as well? Spend some time familiarizing yourself with each applicant’s file well in advance of the interview. Maybe peruse their LinkedIn or social media profiles. This will help you learn more about your prospective employees and help you develop a list of questions tailored to each interviewee’s experience.

Listen carefully

It’s easy to get distracted during an interview, or to rush through questions in an effort to save time. Remind yourself to slow down during the interview and really listen attentively when each candidate speaks. Let them fully explain themselves. Take notes in between answers. The more you slow down the process, the better you’ll be able to fully evaluate their capabilities.

Throw a curve ball

A run-of-the-mill question and answer session isn’t always the best way to learn about someone’s suitability for a position. Don’t be afraid to ask some challenging questions that they might not expect. Take note of how they respond and see what they’re like under a bit of pressure. This is often the most effective strategy for separating the good candidates from the great ones.

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