Ending 2014 and Looking to a New Year with New Potential

Ending 2014 and Looking to a New Year with New Potential

2015 is just a few weeks off and the holidays can be a distracting time in the office, but it is essential to review where you’ve been and where you going. Rather than scrambling to accomplish all of your year-end business take a little time to evaluate your needs and make a plan of action. With a little forethought it can be easy to end the year on a successful note. Here are some ideas.

Review your company vision.

In January you probably spend time developing your plan for the New Year. You create budgets and establish sales goals for your departments and team members. You should also review your company vision and see if there are any adjustments that need to be made in the way you’re conducting business. Always use your established goals to further your overall vision.

Be involved in the community.

Employees entering the workforce today are looking to work for companies who have a strong sense of community involvement. The holidays are a perfect time to demonstrate your commitment to charity and volunteering. Organize volunteer events in your area and encourage employee participation. Choose a charity and make a donation in lieu of holiday gifts and send your clients a note letting them know what you’ve done this year.

Yearly loose ends.

Your employees want to be anywhere but their desks this time of yuear so harness this energy and get them involved in projects that need to be done by the end of the year. You may have paperwork that needs to be filed, an employee break room that needs to be thoroughly cleaned, or projects that need to be finished. Employee motivation can be tough this time of year.

Show your appreciation.

While you should demonstrate your appreciation for your staff all year round, take some extra time to tell them thank you during the holidays. Employees want to know that they are valued. Send them personal holiday cards or organize a pot luck that everyone can participate in. These little things will end the year on a celebratory and positive note.

Are you ready for the Holiday season in your office?

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