3 Tips to Stay Focused and Motivated in the Fall

3 Tips to Stay Focused and Motivated in the Fall

The falling leaves and chill in the air signal one thing: the coming of autumn. The end of year marks some of the most celebrated holidays including Halloween and Thanksgiving. This time of year also often means slowing down at work and anticipating the winter holiday season. But not everyone has the luxury to remain unproductive from fall to winter.

3 Tips to Stay Focused and Reach Your 2014 Goals.

Establish your end of year goals.

To keep yourself focused for the end of the year it is necessary to determine what you want to accomplish in the time you have until holiday breaks. Be realistic but optimistic. Create a list of all the things that need to be completed by the end of the year. Determine the correct order and build a calendar that can keep all your tasks organized and on track.

Reward yourself.

Do you really want that pumpkin spice latte? What about that extra piece of Halloween candy? Or maybe some Christmas cookies? Use these goodies as rewards. When you accomplish milestone tasks on your list give yourself a treat. You can use this for employees that you manage as well.

Be conscious of work/life balance.

Pushing yourself too hard can backfire too. It is important that you maintain an understanding of a healthy work/life balance especially at this time of year. Learn which work and extracurricular activities are most important and be comfortable saying no to either.

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