At What Point Should You Give Up on a New Hire?

At What Point Should You Give Up on a New Hire?

At What Point Should You Give Up On A New Hire


It isn’t easy to say you’ve made a mistake. When it comes to a bad hire you may wait to see how things will get better. You may change your approach to the employee multiple times only to find the behaviors don’t change. So when do you face the truth that this person is not right for your company?

When to Give Up On A New Hire

Is the quality of their work lower than you expected?

There is always a learning curve for new employees but there should also be a limit to the extent of that curve. Even after corrections are made does the employee still fall short of the expected quality? If you wait too long to take action it may actually make things worse in the long run. Give them a reasonable amount of time to handle the job and if they still aren’t providing the quality you expected it may be time to cut the cord.

Do they have trouble meeting important deadlines?

Worse than less-than-quality work is missed deadlines. When work backs up it affects not only the employee but also their team, management, and customer base. Getting work done on time is critical and if they can’t manage to meet these deadlines after their training process is complete then they may not be the best fit for you job.

Are they having problems communication to other team members?

They say that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. This is so true in the case of a new employee that can’t effectively communicate with others in the office. Before you do something about the new employee, however, make sure your current team isn’t gaining up on them or bullying them as well.

Do they panic rather than prioritize?

If the new employee constantly resorts to panic mode when emergencies happy or things become overwhelming they may not have a clear enough head to contribute to your business. You need a staff that can act and react based on the needs of your or your clients and sometimes these needs change without any notice. If their default setting is panic they may be doing more harm than good overall.

Are you concerned that a recent hire isn’t cutting it in your company?

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