3 Reasons Happy Employees are More Productive Employees

3 Reasons Happy Employees are More Productive Employees

3 Reasons Happy Employees are More Productive Employees


Productivity is the cornerstone of your business.

Without your employees committing to their full potential you will start to see your profits drop and production wane. So how can you ensure that your staff is giving your business 100%? Happiness is the key. As their manager it is up to you to be certain that your staff are happy and engaged on the job and only then will you see the positive effects on their overall productivity. Here are three reasons why happy employees are more productive than their disgruntled counterparts.

They look forward to coming to work and contributing.

Happy employees are engaged with their environment. They aren’t calling in sick because they resent the work place or have problems with their coworkers or management staff. Of course, anyone can have a bad day but it is important to understand the difference between a bad day and a behavior issue. If they are eager to contribute they are likely happy on the job. Take measures to keep it this way.

They provide new ideas and innovation.

Happy employees are also usually more creative thinkers. That isn’t to say that some of your more heads-down workers aren’t happy on the job, but if a person keeps to themselves they may be harboring issues of burnout in the office. They are more likely to have something to contribute to the overall success of the company and be willing to brainstorm ideas and work with the long term goals of the organization.

They become unprompted brand ambassadors.

With the proliferation of social media many companies are concerned about what their employees might be saying on Facebook or twitter. However, if your employee is happy they will actually use social media to be unofficial brand ambassadors. If they truly love their jobs they will be happy to share the good aspects of your organization with their audience. Rather than discouraging the use of these social media platforms on the job, offer healthy ways for them to utilize it.

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