Top Candidates Won’t Stay on the Market Long…Here’s How to Find Them (And Hire Them)

Top Candidates Won’t Stay on the Market Long…Here’s How to Find Them (And Hire Them)

It is expected that 84% of companies will be hiring new employees in 2016.

With this newly competitive job market will come more difficult access to the most qualified candidates. Top candidates will be in demand and won’t stay on the market for long. Where is the best place to look for the superstars? Here’s how to find them and how to hire them for your company.

Do Community Outreach

When potential candidates are poled, they indicate that they want to work for a company that is engaged in the community. So, preemptively be that company. Do community outreach, get involved in local charities and causes, and get your name recognized enough that it is a household word. This will make candidates more inclined to consider your open jobs than those of your quieter competitors.

Engage in Social Media

While community outreach is important, today’s digital age means that social media has an equal footing with face-to-face engagement. You need to be where the candidates are, and that means Facebook, Twitter, and more. Create a Facebook page for your business and regularly post there. Start a Twitter account and stay active.

Target Professionals with Blogs

If you’re looking for top talent, even undiscovered talent, start by looking at blogs written by people with the experience you want to harness. You may be surprised to find that the very best candidates aren’t actively looking for jobs but would consider what you have to say if it sounded good enough.

Create Attractive Perks

Speaking of, in order to attract and keep superstar talent, you need to offer them something they can’t get from another company. This means perks. Do you have a gym? Do you offer telecommuting options? Does a massage therapist come into the office once a month? There are so many possible perks you can offer that are inexpensive or even free and will help keep your employees engaged.

Don’t Wait to Make an Offer

Lastly, it is important that when you meet with a candidate that meets all of your expectations, don’t wait to see “what else is out there” before you make an offer. This is unproductive and can lead to you starting the entire process over again. Instead, make that offer. Or, better yet, work with a staffing agency that offers you a replacement guarantee just in case your first choice doesn’t work out.

Do You Have the Right Plans in Place to Hire in 2016?

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