How to Address Employment Gaps on Your Resume

How to Address Employment Gaps on Your Resume

The job market has been tough and many employees are working short term jobs to bring in extra money or volunteering to keep up to date with their skills. Employment gaps may happen and job seekers need to learn the best way to address these on the resume or in an interview. Hiring managers do prefer to see consistent job history on a resume so doing your homework ahead of time to address this is essential.

3 Ways to Address Employment Gaps on Your Resume

  1. Include temp and volunteer work. When including temp work on your resume list it with the staffing agency for whom you worked rather than the client companies. Include the dates of employment from your first to your last assignment and include the specific projects in the bullet points. If you have volunteered in your community include this just like you would a job listing on your resume.
  2. Have the right attitude. Not all reasons for your lack of employment need to be negative. Always focus on the positive information. Explain a layoff or a termination in a positive way without falsifying any information. Include any career training you did in your time off or if you worked on freelance projects.
  3. Complete honesty. Lying on a resume or in an interview can be a huge red flag to employers. Even if you have been terminated from a job you should avoid badmouthing your former employer. Instead, share that the office wasn’t a good fit for your values and experience. Confidence and integrity are important and employers look for them in their new hires.

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