Improve Your Office This Spring

Improve Your Office This Spring

Spring is the season most commonly associated with renewal. It’s a time for reducing clutter, cleaning up the house and starting fresh.

Although many of us are familiar with this idea of ‘spring cleaning’ in our personal spaces, we don’t always extend the philosophy to the office.

Workspaces—like living spaces—need a little sprucing up now and again. From your company culture to your physical work environment, spring is the time to re-examine your office and make the necessary changes.

Here are three great ways to bring spring cleaning to your office:

Create a brighter, lighter and happier space.

Making your office more aesthetically pleasing can have a big impact on employee morale. A sharp-looking work environment will give your team a greater sense of pride and make their time on the job more enjoyable. The easiest ways to give your office an instant face-lift are to rearrange desks, maximize the amount of natural light and bring a bit of personality to the space. You might also considering adding some individual design touches to help tell your company story. This might include hanging photographs documenting the origins of your organization, or perhaps a company mural commissioned by a local painter.

Attack clutter.

From the thousands of emails in your inbox to the stacks of paper and books on your desk, excess clutter is the enemy. Encourage your team this spring to get rid of as much clutter as possible in their workspace. You could even allocate an entire workday to a company-wide clutter reduction. While it may seem like a small annoyance—old emails, excess paper, piles of unused materials—the overall impact of clutter on one’s psyche is significant. Reducing clutter means reducing distractions. Make it a priority in your office.

Listen to your team.

There’s no better time to round up your team and hear some of their thoughts about the company than during your office spring cleaning. Ask them for their opinions on what they enjoy about your current company culture and where they see room for improvement. If your organization is quite large, this exercise might need to be divided up by department. But regardless of how you structure the conversation, make sure that you record their feedback. In the spirit of making a fresh start for the new season, your team will appreciate your willingness to take their opinions into consideration.


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