Is Your Interview Strategy Measuring Reliability?

Is Your Interview Strategy Measuring Reliability?

There are a lot of things you need to look for when considering new candidates for your open positions. You will need to make sure that the new employee is skilled in the areas of expertise that are most important for your company. You need to make sure they get along well with the rest of your staff and will fit into your current office environment. But do you consider their reliability? Hiring a reliable employee is extremely important but few people make this a priority. Here are some ways you can edit your strategy to measure reliability for future employees.

Discuss Accomplishments

Many interviewers tend to focus on skills and background experience but instead you should focus on their accomplishments. You want to see how their skills will benefit your company and how they can solve your pressing problems. Talking about what they accomplished in past companies can give you an impression of how reliable they will be for you.

Measure Confidence

The attitude of the candidate will also tell you quite a bit about their reliability as an employee. A timid employee may be reliable but they may not be communicative. An arrogant employee may feel that they are above reliability. Someone with strong confidence and an eagerness to contribute is far more likely to be a reliable candidate.

Pay Attention to Arrival Times

During the interview process make a note of the time they arrive for the interview. Are they late? If so by how long? A minute or two is one thing, but ten or twenty or thirty minutes is quite another. Are they early? If so, how early? If they do run into trouble on the way to the interview, when did they call? Before their scheduled time or after they were already late? All of these things will give you an idea about how reliable they will be when they work for you.

Check All References

The final strategy that is critical for the interviewing process is to be thorough with the references. Far too many people view this step as a formality or skip it all together. However, asking questions about a former employee’s reliability will help you make a final hiring decision to hire the best person who will be reliable for your company.

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