Interviewing Shouldn’t Make You Nervous! Here’s How to Prepare

Interviewing Shouldn’t Make You Nervous! Here’s How to Prepare

Your blood pressure is rising, you feel your face flushing, and your hands are clammy. These are normal reactions to stressful situations. But in a job interview it is pretty important that you keep your cool and don’t let your nervousness show or you may make the wrong first impression. Before an interview you can take some time to prepare and cut down on your stress to present yourself as confident and professional. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Anticipate the Interviewer’s Needs

Consider treating your interviewer as potential customer. Your job is to sell your skills as a product. Before you can do that effectively, you should be able to determine what it is that they need. To do this, review the job description and know how your skills fit into what they are looking for. Think creativity about what you have to offer and present yourself as a preferred alternative to the competition.

Do Your Research

While you’ve probably heard that you should research a company before an interview you may not know exactly what to do with this research. While it is important for you to know who the company is, the products or services, and their financial information it can be completely useless if it can’t be applied. Instead, view your role as a consultant and determine how you can use this information to solve their most pressing needs.

Go the Extra Mile

Setting yourself apart from the competition and making yourself the most memorable candidate, in a good way, is your ultimate goal. Think of just one extra thing you can bring to the interview to demonstrate this. For example, if the main function of this job is to create PowerPoint presentations create one to show your resume in this kind of format. This will not only show them that you have the skills to perform the job but will give them a sense of the way you can put together an engaging presentation.

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