Should You Let a Candidate Know when they Didn’t Get the Job?

Should You Let a Candidate Know when they Didn’t Get the Job?

During the interview process you’ll meet a lot more people than just the one right candidate for the job. After all the interviews you may want to focus solely on making a job offer and getting your next new employee started. What about the rest of the candidates?

Should you let a candidate know when they didn’t get a job? The short answer is yes, but here is a closer look at the reasons this is a good idea.

Your Reputation as an Employer in the Community.

You certainly can’t hire everyone that walks through the door but how you treat them when you can’t is as important as how you treat your employees. Job seekers will talk about their experience and if they feel as if they have been treated poorly by your company this will begin to reflect on your reputation in the community. With the prevalence of social media their opinions will reach a broader audience fast. Be as respectful as you can to everyone who walks through your door regardless how you feel about them individually.

Keeping the Doors Open for Future Opportunities.

Some candidates have great experience and are, for whatever reason, just not the right fit for the job you have. That doesn’t mean their skills can’t help you somewhere else down the line. Let the candidates know that you will be keeping their information on file and then do what you say. Whenever you have future job openings review these resumes first and make contacts to see if people are still available or would be interested. Go ahead and add them to your LinkedIn connections so you can find them easily.

Refer them to Other Business Contacts You Have.

No business operates in a vacuum. You are likely to have dozens of professional contacts in your area from vendors to customers. Many of these businesses are integral to your own success. If you meet a candidate who seems like they may be a fit for someone else, refer them forward. Keep in touch with candidates you don’t hire because they could eventually be your customers or vendors at other companies.


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