Looking for a Top-Tier Team? Start with Top Tier Management

Looking for a Top-Tier Team? Start with Top Tier Management

Your business is only as strong as your weakest leader. If you want to encourage your team to perform at the highest levels you have to ensure that your entire management team is on the same page.

4 Tips for Hiring and Cultivating Top Managers for Your Business

Match Goals and Ethics.

If you want your office culture to reflect your company mission statement at all levels you need to ensure that the individuals you hire to manage your team live these principles. Discuss your company values with management applicants before you make a hiring decision so you know if they are the right fit for your organization.

Focus on Specialization.

A generalist will be pretty good at a lot of things but a specialist will be really focused on being great at just one thing. Managers should not always be expected to handle all aspects of a business. Hire people who are skilled at the thing you need to incorporate the most in your business.

Evaluate Innovation.

In their past experience what kind of creative ideas, innovative strategies, or other out of the box thinking were they responsible for? You want to see what they have done for past businesses and how they have grown as a manager and an employee. You want to see that they have what it takes to make important decisions for your company.

Consider Employee Opinion.

When you’re asking for the references include a request for the contact information of a former employee. It is a good idea to talk to someone who worked for this person rather than just their own upper management. You may also want to have one of your current employees interview this person to see how they feel about them.

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