Management Strategies for Conflicting Personalities

Management Strategies for Conflicting Personalities

Regardless of how hard you try to hire people who get along in the office, you will find that personalities do conflict every once in a while.

As management it is your role to determine when to step in and when to let individuals sort the problem out on their own. So, how can you assess the situation and apply the right management strategies for conflicting personalities? Here are some tips to keep in mind next time you have any personality issues in the office.

Use Personality Assessments.

Far too many companies over look this very simple tool that can help you learn how to better interact with each person on your team. Make sure you are choosing a test that is validated. There are multiple versions that are available online such as the DISC profile or Myers-Briggs. They may all have a fee but are worth it so you can understand how to interpret the results. Be consistent and give the test to everyone who joins your team.

Offer Mediation

When conflicts do come up in the workplace offer mediation to help the parties solve their problem. Since you have access to their personality profiles you can also discuss the situation in terms of their own personal frame and coping mechanisms. It is important that you settle these conflicts one-on-one because public shaming usually has exactly the opposite result that you expect.

Stop the Rumor Mill

It is also important that you do everything in your power to stop the rest of the team from discussing sensitive personal and business matters both on their own or in public. You don’t have to restrict their social media access but make a policy that mentions of the company are for promotional purposes only and any other could be grounds for a disciplinary action.

Make Effective Changes

If none of the measures you’ve taken to solve the challenges in the office work you may have to make a decision to terminate one or more of the offenders. This can be devastating but it is better than allowing negativity to infect the rest of your team. This should, of course, be a last resort in any case.

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