How to Manage Your Career Like a Professional Race Car Driver

How to Manage Your Career Like a Professional Race Car Driver

Why are we talking about car racing on a staffing blog?

When you approach your job search and your career like a professional race car driver, you can learn some very interesting things about yourself.

So, how can you be more like a race car driver in your career?

Have the Right Team

Race car drivers know that they need to have the right team in place to ensure success. If this pit crew doesn’t notice damage, replace the tires correctly, or acknowledge an issue, the life and safety of the driver could be in jeopardy. The same is true for your career, with a little less risk of bodily harm. Partner with the right recruiter, network with the right groups, a make the right connections.

Focus on Your Job

A driver also knows that if they lose focus for even a split second, they could put themselves at great risk on the racetrack. You need to focus on your job to perform at your top levels. As soon as you let other distractions take over, it could be too late and you could derail your career. Be committed.

Mitigate Your Risk

A driver also know that they need consistently assess and reassess their risk as they drive at top speed. This doesn’t mean they don’t take risks, it just means that they are willing to understand all of the probable outcomes. Sometimes you’ll have to take risks in your career, but make sure they’re the right risks and success will be your payoff.

Maximize Your Potential

Finally, you always need to maximize your potential. What else can you do to succeed in your position? What skills can you leverage? What else can you learn? If you’re not willing to put the hard work toward this career, is there something else you should be doing instead?

Race into a New Career This Year

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