Motivating Temp Employees Through Recognition

Motivating Temp Employees Through Recognition

When a temp employee is on the job they watch their permanent counterparts benefit from employer incentives. This can be frustrating during a three month assignment knowing they won’t receive the same opportunities as others doing the same job. While temps can understand the difference it is human nature to feel this is unfair.

As a manager, it is important to make sure your temporary staff feels rewarded for their hard work and dedication to your organization. Sure everyone likes a pay check, but a little extra incentive is nice too! Not to mention, offering incentives is an excellent way to encourage employees to stay dedicated to projects and work hard to achieve success.

What can you do as a manager to help increase productivity?

3 Incentives to Implement in Your Workplace

  1. Gift Cards. An investment at local shop or restaurant for gift cards can make a very big impact on your temporary staff. It can help motivate them to work more effectively and efficiently. Provide them as a reward for excellence or create a contest where these small tokens become a big prize.
  2. Bonuses. Your staffing provider can help you establish a bonus plan for temp employees. You may be able to offer a completion bonus for anyone who completes a several month project. You may want to give a temp a reward for going above and beyond with a major task in your company.
  3. Team awards. Temps often feel like they aren’t part of the team and some permanent employees treat them poorly on the job. Stop this from happening by providing a team building incentive. Offer rewards for the entire project only if they work together.

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