What Should Your Performance Reviews Really Be About?

What Should Your Performance Reviews Really Be About?

Are You Covering These Topics In Your Performance Reviews


The annual performance review is one of the best ways to inform your employees about their continuing performance.

However, employees and managers tend to dread it more than any other aspect of their job. Part of the reason for this is that both parties focus on the wrong aspects of the meeting and end up coming away frustrated and unhappy. Instead, to improve the experience you may want to change the direction of the performance reviews.

4 Topics to Focus on During Your Performance Review

Motivational Goals

You should encourage your employees to play to their own strengths. You have observed how they work for long enough and should be about to determine if they are better with team based projects, customer service, or independent work. Steer their job in the direction that will benefit them and the organization the most and provide goals for them to stay motivated.

Improvements Made

So many managers focus on the things that need improvement that they forget to review the things that have been improved. What have they accomplished since last year? What do they do differently now that has really made a big impact on their job and the organization as a whole?

Focus on the Future

Of course, there may be things that employees need to improve in the coming year. Rather than positioning them as failures of their character, talk about these goals as a way to achieve even more success in the future. Never make your criticism personal. Focus on the career track that they can take if they focus on these aspects of their job.

Employee Feedback

Finally, you need to make sure that this is a conversation not an inquisition. Don’t make it feel like you’re on the attack. You need to give your employee a chance to provide feedback to you without fear of retribution. More importantly, you need to truly listen to them and not dismiss their concerns. Make an effort to improve things that will help your employees on the job.

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