How to Professionally Thank Your Employees for Their Continued Hard Work

How to Professionally Thank Your Employees for Their Continued Hard Work

It is easy to forget that thankfulness should happen all year round. This is why we tend to get stuck in a cycle of remembering gratitude only around Thanksgiving. Start this season out right by creating habits that can help you be a more thankful person and a better boss. Use Thanksgiving as a catalyst to be more grateful in general.

4 Quick Ways to Thank Your Employees

A “Thank You” Goes a Long Way

While we are taught as children to say thank you we sometimes forget this message as we age. Just say “Thank you” every time an employee does something that helped you or the business. Your management team should always acknowledge hard work and if someone goes out of their way. Encourage your employees to say thank you to each other. When you establish a culture of gratitude, you’ll see changes in the way people interact with one another.

Mail a Note

Everyone loves opening their mailbox and finding unexpected cards. You can spread this cheer by taking opportunities to send a hand-written card to your employees’ homes. Keep stationary on hand so you can drop a note any time that makes the most sense for you. You want to demonstrate that you value you them as a person and an employee.

Pitch In

Before you were a manager, you were an employee. Don’t let your skills lapse. When you want to show your gratitude for the work your team does on a daily basis, help them out once in a while. You’re not a manager by title alone, you’re a leader. Roll up your sleeves and help out to show that you appreciate their hard work all year long.

Encourage Employees to Pay it Forward

It isn’t happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy. Gratitude is a culture and it doesn’t just happen in the moment. When you pass your gratitude on to others in the office, they are more likely to be thankful as well. Encourage your team to pay it forward when they are thankful for day to day things in their lives.

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