Responding to the Unthinkable | How to Properly Prepare for Workplace Accidents

Responding to the Unthinkable | How to Properly Prepare for Workplace Accidents

No one wants to imagine what would happen if an accident occurs in the workplace. However, years of experience with safety management will tell you that not being prepared can be devastating. When you are faced with disaster that can cause illness or injury to your staff, how you respond can make all the difference. Here are some things to keep in mind to prepare for unforeseen workplace accidents.

  • Understand the risks.

    Your workplace, especially if it is warehouse or manufacturing oriented, probably has some inherent risks. The first step toward safety is to determine what these risks are and acknowledge them. Armed with the right information, you can create a plan for the most probable accidents even if your primary focus is prevention.

  • Create a culture of safety.

    Next, don’t hide the safety information from your staff. Everyone needs to be involved. Everyone needs to know the right steps to take when an accident does occur. This isn’t just relegated to the safety managers or supervisors.

  • Provide the right tools.

    Businesses are obligated to provide fire extinguishers, just like homes are, in case of a fire. But fire may not be your only risk. Check with the OSHA requirements for your specific industry and make sure you have at least the minimum required to be considered safe.

  • Establish emergency communications.

    There should also be a chain of command and a way to know who to tell and when during a crisis in your place of business. While each employee needs to be empowered to act, they must also be aware of who to report to in case of emergency.

  • Follow the action plan.

    Lastly, establish a safety action plan that includes step by step instructions for any and all emergencies within your facility. Not every emergency will require all steps, but they should be known for any instances. This will help everyone stay safe and not panic when an accident does happen.

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