How to Become a Safety Leader in the Workplace

How to Become a Safety Leader in the Workplace

Just because you’re a temporary employee doesn’t mean you can’t make a good impression or be a leader on the job. Safety is always a key concern for warehouse or industrial environments. If you stand out among your peers as a candidate who takes safety very seriously you may find yourself in a position to accept a permanent job with the client.

4 Ways to be a Safety Leader in the Workplace

  • Take initiative to learn company policies. Even as a temp employee you should have all safety material and employee handbooks available to you. Ask your supervisor if you can read through them during your breaks or take a copy home with you. Having complete knowledge about company safety programs is an important first step in being safe on the job.
  • Review and recognize OSHA requirements. Beyond knowledge of the corporate policies on safety in the workplace it is also important that you have information about OSHA requirements. The occupational safety and health administration provides guidelines for many business environments so supplementing your knowledge of the company policies with information on OSHA regulations is advisable.
  • Discuss any concerns with your supervisor. If you see something that can be a danger to yourself or others, don’t simply ignore it. Your supervisors and their managers want to keep the warehouse or other industrial facility as safe as possible so alerting them to problems that you see will be appreciated.
  • Respect your fellow teammates as people not equipment. Another key factor in ensuring the safety of everyone in a facility is respecting other individuals on the job. An employee or fellow temp is not simply a cog in the wheel of production. They make human decisions which could help or hurt safety in the workplace. Relate to them as people and see how you can help one another.

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