Spring Your Career Forward with Your Clock This Summer!

Spring Your Career Forward with Your Clock This Summer!

The Summer Solstice, or first day of summer, is the longest day of the year. The summer solstice has had a long and important history in multiple cultures around the world. But it doesn’t have to be without significance today. You can use the solstice as the best time to push your career forward to the next step as the second half of the year begins. If you’ve been feeling stuck, here are some ways you can improve your career this summer.

  • Consider a change of scenery.

    It may be that you’re no longer compatible with your current company. Find a new job in a new place can help wake up a snoring career. Or maybe you’re considering moving to a new city or state. This change of scenery can do a lot to motivate you to find something that is a better match.

  • Think outside the box.

    Or, maybe you’ve been stalled in your career because you’ve been thinking about it too conventionally. If you’ve been on the same path for a while, it might be time to consider ways your path could diverge. Consider jobs that you wouldn’t have thought of before but may be compatible with your goals and abilities.

  • Find a mentor.

    Another way to move forward is to find and work with a career mentor who can help you better understand your slump and create a strategy to move forward. Connect with someone in your community who has done with their career what you want to do with yours. This can help you talk out your plan and learn from their mistakes.

  • Attend conferences.

    Even if you don’t want to leave your current job or current company, you can spend a lot of time reinventing yourself and reinvigorating your career. Start by attending conferences. Often, you can do this with the approval of your current company and they may even pay for the event. It can help give you the boost you need to be more engaged.

  • Volunteer in your community.

    Without changing your career, you can refresh your interest in what you do by doing it for others in need. Volunteering is not only beneficial to the organization for which you’re working, but also for you as an individual. Many studies have demonstrated that volunteering affects everyone in a positive way.

  • Learn something new.

    Finally, take time out to learn something new. Go back to school. Take adult education classes through your community college. Do something that will challenge you intellectually. This can help you approach your career with a new attitude or give you the tools to try something entirely different.

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