How to Stay Focused During an Extended Job Search

How to Stay Focused During an Extended Job Search

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The job market has changed dramatically over the last several years and that means it is taking some job seekers longer to find the perfect job in Texas.

What do you do if your job search has already lasted longer than you expected? While you can’t deny that it is frustrating, your attitude can’t spill over into your interviews or you may find yourself waiting even longer for your next job. So, how do you stay focused during an extended job search?

5 Ways to Maintain Your Focus when Starting to Feel Discouraged

Make Constant Adjustments

When something isn’t working don’t be afraid to change it up. Look at the patterns over the course of your job search. Were there things you did that got more responses than others? Tweak your process to include more of the things that work and try new things from time to time to see what happens.

Set Small Goals Each Day

Experts suggest that you need to make your job search the number one priority. Treat it just like you would a traditional job. Get up at the same time every day, shower, dress professional, and start working. To encourage yourself to do this set small goals every day. Have a certain amount of LinkedIn activity. Apply to a certain number of jobs. Give yourself a reward when you’ve accomplished this.

Continue Networking

Getting out and meeting new people is still the best way to find a new opportunity in your field. Challenge yourself to attend a certain number of networking events a month. Introduce yourself when you’re out and about in your community. You never know who you will meet and who can help you find your next job.

Make Yourself More Marketable

Have you spent any time comparing your skills to the skills that employers in your field are looking for right now? It is a good idea to take inventory once in a while and when you start to see a pattern consider taking classes or otherwise improving your skills to make your more marketable to employers.

Work With a Local Staffing Agency

Lastly, a great way to help augment your personal job search is to partner with a recruiter. They aren’t magic and can’t guarantee a job, but they can certainly enhance your process by submitting you to jobs that may never make it to public job postings. They can also sell your skills to their clients based on your experience. There is never any obligation but it can open a new realm of possibilities.

Looking for additional support with your job search?

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