Tips to Make you Stand Out

Tips to Make you Stand Out

To say that hiring managers receive a lot of resumes every year is a serious understatement.

Most people would be flabbergasted at the sheer volume of applications a company receives each and every time that they post an open position. Particularly in a tough job market, many HR departments sift through hundreds and hundreds of resumes when they’re looking to hire a new employee.

So how do you make an impact when you’re just one out of thousands? The answer is simple: you make your resume shine. You make sure that your resume sets you apart from all of the other qualified applicants and instantly catches someone’s attention.

Tip #1: Remember your keywords

Since so much of today’s job searching is done online, keywords are more important than ever. When you post your resume online, or upload it directly to a company’s website, hiring managers will often use a keyword search to narrow down the applicant pool. You want to make sure that you have the right words in your resume to avoid being tossed out prematurely. Pay close attention to the terms used in the job posting and try to include as many as you can (without overdoing it) in your resume and cover letter.

Tip #2: Keep the design simple

A resume should be clear, concise and aesthetically pleasing. Use a font that’s easy to read. Keep sentences short and to the point and try to use bullet points whenever possible. Don’t include lengthy paragraphs detailing your experience or education. You want you resume to be eye-catching and quickly scanable. Keep this in mind as you lay out your document.

Tip #3: Include a “Profile” section

A great way to grab a hiring manager’s attention is to give them a quick snapshot of who you are at the top of the page. Directly below your name and contact information, add a line that neatly describes who you are professionally. For example: Multi-skilled Marketing Manager with 5+ years experience leading complex teams. This tells the person reading your resume a series of crucial details about you in under five seconds. And when you’re competing for attention in a stack of hundreds, the quicker they notice your resume, the better.

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