Top 3 Job Seeker Articles of 2015

Top 3 Job Seeker Articles of 2015

At ProSource Staffing we aim to provide the best possible resources for job seekers in the Houston, Texas job market. We know that simply having the right support can help job seekers turn their search in a positive direction. Changing the tactics, improving your resume, and brushing up on interviewing skills can all make the biggest difference between not having a job and getting a job offer.

As we head toward 2016, let’s look back at our most viewed content throughout 2015.

How to Stay Focused During an Extended Job Search

A job search is no easy task and it can become increasingly frustrating when it takes longer than expected. However, it is critical that you are able to power through your frustration to continue to search for employment. In this post we share our strategies for maintaining your focus during an extended search. They include continual adjustments, attainable goals, networking, improving your marketability, and partnering with a local staffing agency.

4 Tips to Deal with a Negative Performance Review | And Use it to Motivate Your New Year

Frustrations don’t necessarily end once you’ve found employment. Annual reviews are a source of stress for employees and employers alike. But the most important take away is to use the information you’ve received to make much needed improvements. You can even become more motivated by negative feedback. We suggest you should avoid being defensive, understand their perspective, and leave the excuses behind. Of course, as a last resort, we talk a little about making a career change.

Work/Life Separation is Essential for Long Term Career Success

It was clear to us that concerns about dissatisfaction were at the top of our readers’ minds over the last year. There is no wonder that the third most popular post was about work/life balance. We conclude that a more appropriate response may be a work/life separation and shared details on how to make that possible. We offer tips such as setting clear boundaries and priorities, managing your technology, and taking time to completely disconnect.

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