Concrete Ways to Track Accomplishments at Work

Concrete Ways to Track Accomplishments at Work

Concrete Ways to Track Accomplishments at Work


When you’re in the market for a new job the first thing you usually do is review your resume and add anything that may have changed since you started working your last job. This can be easy if you’ve been employed for a year or two but what if your job lasted 10 or 20 years? You can’t allow yourself to forget some of your most important accomplishments especially if you want to impress a potential new employer. How can you track your accomplishments at work when you’re not in the market for a new position? Here are some easy tricks and tips.

Make use of LinkedIn.

One of the best tools for this very purpose is LinkedIn. Professionals are expected to keep it up to date even when they’re not actively looking for a job. When you have a specific project go well or something else that seems professionally important, add it to your LinkedIn profile so you don’t forget it. Then you can review this when you’re updating your resume.

Keep a Journal.

A less computer-based option is to keep an old-fashioned journal. This can be a notebook that you keep in your home office or a document on your hard drive. Each time you achieve something on the job, add it to the journal. Of course, you can also keep a copy of your resume on your personal computer and update it directly whenever necessary.

Write a Blog.

Another common way to keep up with your professional accomplishments is to write a blog. Blogs are very popular and a way that many recruiters and hiring managers are finding great passive candidates for their jobs. You can keep this professionally related by ensuring that you are positioning yourself as an industry leader.

Social Media.

Another place to keep this information is on social media. You may want to Tweet about a particular accomplishment or post it to Facebook as long as you keep the company confidentiality. However, this can be difficult to find later since social media is such as instant gratification form of communication.

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