Using Social Media Groups to Help Land a Job

Using Social Media Groups to Help Land a Job

You’ve probably been told that social media will help you find your next job.

You’ve joined LinkedIn and connected with former colleagues and recruiters. You’re on Facebook but don’t know exactly how to do anything professional there. There is more than a waiting game at play when it comes to social media and your job search. The most important step for both platform is joining and participating in groups.

Landing a Job Through Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook

Know What to Join

LinkedIn is easy, right? You choose groups that are based on your industry or area and join them. This is only part of the strategy, there is so much more. With Facebook it can be more complicated with so many possible groups. Many people view Facebook as a place for personal networking rather than professional but with a little creative searching you can find groups that are part of your professional network.

Be Interactive

Once you join a group you need to participate. Join in conversations, share your knowledge, and answer questions. Show that you are a subject matter expert. Groups often have a large population of recruiters looking to find their next superstar candidates and the only way they can recognize that in you is by seeing the information you poste.

Share Resources

Because you are a subject matter expert you have an opportunity to share your knowledge and insight. When you come across an article that is of interest to this group, share it. Are you blogging? This is a great place to promote your blogs. Be sure to avoid shameless self-promotion and only publish posts that would be interesting to the readers.

Use Connections

Groups extend your network. On LinkedIn you should extend invitations to individuals within the groups who may have something to offer. Facebook is trickier. You may not want to friend a potential employer so they can see your weekend camping trip photos. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t interact with them. Like their business pages and interact there as well.

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