Why Should Someone Work For You? | Understanding Your Value as an Employer

Why Should Someone Work For You? | Understanding Your Value as an Employer

When you’re looking for a new employee you are undoubtedly looking at all of the ways they can benefit you as an employee. But have you put much thought into how you can benefit them as an employer? This goes way beyond salary and health insurance. It is critical that you know your value to an employee and understand the reasons why someone might want to work for you. Here are some ways to determine what you have to offer and communicate that to prospective employees.

  • Start at the source.

    The first step to understanding what you have to offer a new employee is to reach out to your current staff to find out why they like working for you. This can give you some perspective you didn’t consider and a way to market the benefits that others see in your company. Your staff can even help you put together some ways to promote your company culture that will help you attract great candidates.

  • Review your competition.

    Once you understand who you are as a company, it is time to see what others in your industry do as well. You shouldn’t copy them, of course, but when you can see what they are doing to attract their candidates you can determine what will set you apart.

  • What is your office environment?

    Not only do you need to determine your company values and culture, you need to be able to articulate your office culture. For example, is your office fast paced or laid back. Do you prefer a conservative environment with business attire or are people welcome to come to work in jeans? These are selling points to very different candidates.

  • Create an employer profile.

    Finally, put all of this in writing. Write a narrative about who you are and why you company does what it does. Create it as a blog post for your website or a page where people can go for more information. Include all the benefits that someone gets by working on your company, beyond just healthcare and days off.

What do you offer your staff? ProSource Staffing can help you hire employees who share your company values and want to work with you, so contact us today!