Don’t Ignore These Candidate Interview Red Flags

Don’t Ignore These Candidate Interview Red Flags

candidate red flagsJob applicants can sometimes be tricky to assess. Some may seem like the perfect candidate on paper but show a few red flags when interviews begin. It’s essential to pay attention to a candidate interview red flag as it will significantly affect the candidate’s long-term success if selected for a job role.

Here are a few red flags to watch out for when assessing job candidates.

1. Overselling

The first candidate interview red flag to look for, is the candidate is overconfident. Often they may not have the ability to back it up. Watch out for candidates that come across as arrogant during an interview, as they may be the ones who cannot produce results when taking on the job. 

Instead, attempt to look for an applicant with humble confidence that can freely discuss the process of their potential job role. Those who undersell and overdeliver make great interviewees and even better coworkers when employment commences.

2. Inability to answer questions

Some candidates may have difficulty answering basic questions about their past experiences. This may be a red flag as it suggests they may be being dishonest about their history. It is worth further investigation and a reference check should one want to proceed with the applicant in the hiring process.

3. Failure to ask Questions

When assessing candidates, they must ask relevant questions about your organization, the position, or their future with the company without it being prompted by you. If they only have questions about the paid time off policy when you’re interviewing them for a customer service position, for instance, this may be a candidate interview red flag to consider.

4. Lack of Energy

How does this candidate hold themselves throughout the interview? Do they look disinterested or engaged? If you notice the lack of energy coming from them during the interview process, it may be a point of concern. This person may not have the drive to take on the job and complete it promptly.

5. Unprofessional Attire

You don’t need to be picky about what candidates wear, but you should take note if they show up in a suit and tie when they’re applying for a more casual entry-level position at your organization. You want someone who can represent your company well with their appearance, which is why it’s crucial that not only their skills match the position, but they also dress for it.

In summary, these are just a few candidate interview red flags to watch out for during your hiring process. Whether you’re searching for an entry-level employee or someone conducting high-level interviews, these red flags should help you make an informed decision about whether or not this candidate is best for the job.

Don’t Forget…

Discovering one of these candidate interview red flags doesn’t necessarily mean an applicant is an absolute “no” during hiring, but more than one shows they might not be a great fit for your organization. Ensure you pay attention to these warnings and make an excellent decision for your business. 

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