Finding the Best Houston Graduates for to Grow Your Organization

Finding the Best Houston Graduates for to Grow Your Organization

Hiring recent college graduates has been one tried and true strategy to increase the talent on your team. Graduates are eager to work and want to gain important skills that will help them advance their careers. So how can you find the top Houston graduates from the class of 2016 and beyond to work for your company? Here are some tips.

  • Partner with the university career center.

    Creating a comprehensive list of the colleges, trade schools, and universities in the Houston area would easily eat up this entire blog post. Having said that, it means there are ample opportunities for businesses to partner with these schools to meet and recruiter the best college graduates from a variety of disciplines. The career center is designed for just that purpose so contact them and see how to get involved.

  • Join alumni groups on LinkedIn.

    Most new college graduates have been coached to start their LinkedIn presence so they can start to build a positive online reputation. And it is highly likely that they will join the LinkedIn group for their colleges on the site. By joining these as well, you can post information about new jobs and link directly with candidates who match your company’s skills and requirements.

  • Become a mentor.

    On a smaller scale, you can also become a mentor for one or two college students a year. You can work with them on their goals and help them learn from your own mistakes so they can be productive and engaged at the start of their careers. You may not choose to hire these individuals, but you’ll get to meet them and connect to their networks as well.

  • Offer internships with your company.

    Finally, start an internship program at your business. You will benefit from active and interested college students who want to learn how to succeed in the world of business while you also get to know their personalities and work styles. If, at the end of the program, they demonstrate promise you can offer to contact them again when they are ready to apply for a full time job.

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