How Can Following Career Mentors on Twitter Help the Growth of Your Career?

How Can Following Career Mentors on Twitter Help the Growth of Your Career?

You’ve certainly heard that you should develop relationships with career mentors to help you grow. But what if you’ve not met others who are a part of your industry? The internet has provided us with incredible tools for online engagement. Twitter could be your best tool to find and learn from mentors.

Are you on Twitter?

Here is how you can follow career mentors and improve your own long term goals.

Search for Similar Paths

You want to follow experts in your industry who have taken similar paths. This can help you determine how you want to advance your career by reviewing and listening to the advice they provide based on their years of experience. Choose people who have done exactly what you want to do as well as similar businesses which can help you learn more than you expected.

Follow Them and Their Followers

You will want to choose Twitter accounts with the hopes that they follow you back. But don’t forget to review their list of followers. You may gain just as much insight from someone just one degree of separation from the person that you have chosen as a career mentor.

Engage in Tweets

Share, retweet, and respond to things that really speak to you. Be careful not to spam your own followers but this is truly what Twitter was made more. It is intended to be a constant stream of thoughts and communication. Fast paced is the name of the game.

Share Their Information

A thought leader on Twitter is there because they want to gain followers and share their knowledge. Part of the machine to facilitate that is you. Share what you can when you can to all of your social media channels. This will be helpful for you as well as others who are reading your feeds.

Participate in Twitter Chats

One final way to engage with career mentors on Twitter is to participate in any Twitter Chats that they hold. This is an opportunity to learn one-one in 140-character snippets. They also give you an opportunity to be seen by the mentor and possibly make a longer term connection.

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