How Important are Your Relationships to Your Success?

How Important are Your Relationships to Your Success?

Taking time off is important for our physical, mental and emotional health. It helps us build relationships with family and friends, relax, and recharge our batteries. But did you know that the relationships we cultivate with others can also have a positive effect on our success? Here are some ways in which taking time off from work to maintain or strengthen your relationships will help you be more successful.

Build Better Connections for Success

Relationships are built on trust, and taking time off to meet with your family and friends can help you build those connections faster. When we take the time to connect with the people in our lives, we get a better understanding of their needs and perspectives which can increase our flexibility in adapting to different situations.

Improve Communication

Taking time off for leisure activities or simply spending quality time with our family and friends can help us to cultivate better communication skills, such as active listening, expressing empathy, and being able to read the nonverbal cues people are conveying.

Increase Creative Thinking

Relieving stress by taking a break from work allows our brains to relax, which in turn can help us come up with creative solutions that we may not have been able to think of when our minds were preoccupied with work.

Make Better Decisions

Relationships often lead to discussions and debates which can help us arrive at better decisions. Being open to different perspectives is something we learn through relationships, and it can provide a valuable source of insight when we’re faced with tough choices.

Boost Productivity

When we take time off to connect and recharge our batteries, we come back feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle work with renewed energy. Taking regular breaks makes us more productive in the long run as it helps us stay focused and motivated.

Demonstrate Self-Care

Taking care of ourselves by getting the rest we need is one of the most important things we can do for our mental health. Taking a break, whether it’s to spend time with family or friends or to just relax, shows that we value ourselves and recognize the importance of self-care.

Helping Others

Routinely taking time off can also help us better support those we care about. We can use our free time to volunteer in our communities, attend events that are important to our loved ones, or simply spend quality time with them. This not only builds stronger relationships and increases social connection, but also serves as an example for others that it’s ok to take breaks and prioritize self-care.

Encourage Balance

Taking vacations or even a few days off to rest and recharge can remind us that there is more to life than just work. It gives us the chance to acknowledge the importance of balance between our professional lives and our personal lives, helping us maintain healthier relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.


Taking time off is an important part of cultivating a healthy lifestyle and ensuring our well-being. We need to learn to recognize when it’s time for a break and be brave enough to take one. Self-care is just as important as work in helping us live happy and meaningful lives.


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