How to Turn Summer Placements into Full-Time Positions

How to Turn Summer Placements into Full-Time Positions

Summer employment is a great way to show what you’re worth to a potential new employer. Even when they aren’t anticipating that your assignment will continue there are things you can do to ensure this is possible. When you start your next summer assignment think about all the ways you can impress your supervisors and draw their attention to you when they think about adding full time staff to their roster.

5 Ways to Turn a Summer Job into a Full Time Position

  • Blast past their expectations. If you want a chance to be considered more than a temp, use this as an opportunity to act like more than a temp. The project may be very narrow in focus but you have abilities that go beyond the scope. If you see jobs going undone offer to do them. Show what you can do on a daily basis and impress the supervisors and managers who are responsible for making the hiring decisions.
  • Establish relationships. Sometimes temporary assignments fail because the permanent staff members dislike the temp employee. This can be irrational and based on some fear that the new temp is a threat to their job. Do what you can to impress the team members who are on staff. They may begin to lobby to have you hired on to help them every day rather than just on this assignment.
  • Be interested in their company. Don’t treat the temp job like it is going to end after the project is over. Learn everything you can about the company, the way they do business, their processes and procedures, and their corporate values. You want to show a genuine interest in their organization.
  • Become invaluable. Temporary employees are usually paid for in a different way than permanent staff. Since the agency that placed you is considered a vendor they are typically paid by the purchasing department. However, if you prove that your work is worth the investment the Human Resources team may decide to transition you to an employee role where they can be responsible for the budget.
  • Interview for the job every day. For the entire time you are working on the assignment you are being assessed by the management team. Treat every day like it is an extended interview for the job. Don’t begin to slack off on the work, don’t come in late, and don’t dress inappropriately for the companies policies.

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