Implementing a Healthy Workplace in the New Year

Implementing a Healthy Workplace in the New Year

A healthy workplace is a good thing for everyone. Losing weight and exercising more are some of the most popular resolutions for the start of each New Year. Have you thought about the impact that your office environment has on your employees in regards to their overall health? Have you considered implementing a healthy workplace strategy for 2015?

4 Tips to Implement a Healthy Workplace in the New Year

Stress relief.

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Stress can cause heart disease, hypertension, and worse. If it goes untreated it can also affect mental wellbeing. You can provide options for stress relief in the office including games in the break room, in-office massages, or yogaclasses. Also, you may want to be able to offer help for employees if they are experiencing stress outside of the office. Access to counseling services can be useful.

Vending machine changes.

Sugar snacks and sodas certainly don’t promote a healthy office environment. Make a huge impact by taking out the vending machines in your office and replace the options with bottled water, fruit, and other more healthful choices. Sometimes all it takes is temptation to convince someone to give up all their hard work getting healthy and dive back into candy and snack food habits.

Vacation time.

There is a culture in America where employees hoard vacation days and end the year with pride that they didn’t take any time off. However, not taking time away from the office can lead to stress and other unhealthy habits. Don’t allow your staff to feel like they must stay at the office every single day. Give them an opportunity to use personal time off and vacation days without repercussions.

Gym options.

Some companies have the ability to build gym facilities in their office. Or they might have an office space in a building that already has a gym available for workers. These are great options but if they aren’t possible, maybe you can offer gym memberships or discounts to your staff. Also, provide them some time to go to the gym so they don’t feel like it has to cut into their personal time.

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