Is Your Cover Letter Getting the Job Done? Or Making You Blend in?

Is Your Cover Letter Getting the Job Done? Or Making You Blend in?

So many job seekers today skip the essential step of providing a cover letter. This is the introduction to a hiring manager to convince them to read your resume. When jobs seekers aren’t skipping the process they may also be constructing such generic cover letters that it is almost as bad as not having one at all. Before you send out your next batch of resumes, here are some tips to ensuring that you have a good cover letter that attracts attention.

Concentrate on the first few lines.

You need to grab the reader’s attention immediately. If you don’t, they won’t read further and may not consider you as a candidate. The first few lines of the first paragraph are critical. Use this time to address what it is they company is looking for and exactly how you feel you can be the best solution to their search.

Never address it generically.

You should also make an effort to address the letter personally. If the name of the contact is not included in the job posting check with LinkedIn to determine who is the best contact. You can use “Dear,” or “Good Afternoon,” in conjunction with their first name to personalize the letter. Never address it “to whom it may concern.”

Demonstrate your enthusiasm.

A generalized cover letter that has no emotion at all about the job for which you’re applying will also go unnoticed. You want to instill a sense of excitement on your part and get the reader excited about contacting you. Don’t be afraid to be open and honest in this part of the letter.

End with an action statement.

You should always end the letter with a call to action. Be sure to provide your contact information. This often encourages interested reviewers to pick up the phone right away. Suggest that you will follow up within a week to see what the status is on their process. Encourage them to call you first but be ready to follow up.

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