Managing Your Career Like a Rookie at Training Camp

Managing Your Career Like a Rookie at Training Camp

It seems like only yesterday that the Super Bowl happened in Santa Clara. But now the players are returning for the start of training camp. This year, every team drafted new talent they hope will be the future of their franchise, including the Houston Texans. These new players are also full of hope that they will have a strong and exciting NFL career. When you start a new job, are a lot like a rookie player. So how can you manage your career like a rookie at training camp? Here’s how.

  • Work hard.

    There is a huge difference between college football and the NFL. The same is true for your career. Whether you’re transition from school to your first job or from one job to another, there are new ropes you have to learn. So buckle down, work hard, and make it happen. If you coast, you will be quickly benched in favor of someone else.

  • Show dedication.

    Perseverance can provide an employer with a lot of benefits. Most importantly, they want to know that you’re committed to their company, not just to earning a paycheck. Show your team pride. Be loyal to your employer. If they are not an employer that can allow you this kind of pride in your work with, they may not be the right employer for you.

  • Be prepared.

    When you’re approaching any level of your career, it is important that you are prepared for whatever path you choose. Every day, evaluate what it is that you need to accomplish. Look forward to the fall, the start of the season, and see what you can prepare for in the future. The more prepared, the better suited you’ll be to success.

  • Learn something new.

    Lastly, like these rookie players, you should never find yourself stagnant in your skillsets. There is always something new that you can learn and if you’re not willing, someone else will eventually take your place. Keep on top of latest information, talent, skills and more. This can only serve you in the future.

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