Recruiting High-Quality Employees that are a True Asset to Your Organization

Recruiting High-Quality Employees that are a True Asset to Your Organization

No employer wants to hire incompetent, warm bodies to take up space in their organization. So why is it that so many new hires fail? Not every candidate, even those who seem qualified, are going to be the right fit for your organization. Some can’t handle the work even if they appeared qualified while others may have personality conflicts with your current staff. So how can you be sure that you are recruiting only the highest quality candidates who will be true assets to your organization? Here are some hiring tips to start the New Year right.

Start with Your Job Description

The first thing you can do to attract the right candidate is to create a job description that will be hard to refuse. Don’t only state the day to day duties of the job, but tell them why they will want to work for your company rather than your competitor. Be specific with experience needed to avoid unqualified candidates, but don’t be so strict that you rule out good people with potential.

Look at the Qualities of Your Current Team

Next, to properly evaluate the candidates that you do meet, compare and contrast their soft and hard skills with the successful members of your current staff. The qualities that your proven employees have will be beneficial to replicate, and you will also be able to hire people with similar values who will fit in to your company culture.

Never Skip the References

Many companies view references as a formality and only ask for the bare minimum information. Others skip this step all together. Don’t do either of these things. Ask your top two or three candidates for contact information of supervisors or coworkers. When you make the phone call, thoroughly vet them by asking questions such as “What were their strengths and weaknesses?”

Use Testing to Establish Baseline Skills

References are a great start, but how do you know if they are truly skilled at the job you need them to do? The best way is to use skills testing to find out where they are will any software, skills such as math or grammar, or data entry. There are lots of skills testing options on the market that can test for almost anything you can think of.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

To this end, you may want to partner with a staffing agency to help you find the high-quality candidates you’re looking for in 2016. A staffing agency has the resources and time that you don’t have to source and vet the candidates. They will only submit resumes for candidates who are a match for your needs and they will already have skills testing and completed references.

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