Setting Measurable Organizational Goals to Make the Most of the Remaining Months of 2016

Setting Measurable Organizational Goals to Make the Most of the Remaining Months of 2016

Now that summer’s here, we’re half way through the year. While we enter these warm, lazy months and dream of being anywhere but work, keep in mind that winter will be here soon and with it, the new year. If you want to ensure that you are remaining productive for the remainder of 2016 it is important to set measurable goals to make the most of the time left. Here are some ways you can keep yourself and your staff on track.

  • Are your goals in line with the mission statement?

    Whether you’re evaluating the goals you’ve already set or establishing new ones, it is imperative to determine which are furthering your overall mission. Are there any goals that seem to fall outside of the mission statement? It may be time to reconsider those goals, eliminate them, or find a new way to apply them to the company’s needs.

  • Can your employees identify their own goals?

    The organization has a variety of goals, but each of your staff members have their own agenda. Some want to advance their career while others are interested innovation. Find a way to encourage individual employees identify and plan for their own goals to make them more engaged with your company and increase their loyalty.

  • Do you know what SMART goals are?

    A tried and true method for determining your goals and establishing parameters for measuring them is to use the SMART method. This stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. As you determine what goals you need to accomplish for the remainder of the year, break them down by these criteria to make a better plan.

  • Do similar jobs have similar goals?

    Once you determine the overall goals and evaluate the individual employee goals, it is time to make matches. When individual goals and corporate goals match up, you can create a proper task force to tackle them. This way, no one is pulled from their own need for accomplishment and the proper goals will be met through team oriented work.

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