Should You Re-Hire Boomerang Employees?

Should You Re-Hire Boomerang Employees?

It can be tempting to re-hire boomerang employees. After all, you know them well and they’ve done good work for you in the past. But before you make a decision, there are a few things you should consider. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of rehiring boomerang employees and will explore some questions to ask yourself when considering who to hire.

The Pros:

There are a few potential benefits to re-hiring boomerang employees. First, they’re already familiar with your company culture and how things work around here. This can help them hit the ground running and be productive more quickly than a new hire would be.

Second, boomerang employees may have gained new skills and knowledge during their time away from your company. They may have picked up valuable experience that can benefit your business.

Third, re-hiring a boomerang employee can show other employees that you’re committed to retaining talent and investing in your workforce. This can boost morale and motivation levels throughout the company.

The Cons:

Now let’s take a look at some of the potential drawbacks of re-hiring boomerang employees. First, there’s always the risk that they’ll leave again after a short period. You may not want to invest in training and onboarding someone only to have them leave a few months later.

Second, boomerang employees may have difficulty re-adapting to your company culture. They may find that things have changed since they left, and they may not be comfortable with the new way of doing things.

Third, other employees may not be happy about a boomerang employee coming back. They may feel like they got passed over for the job, or they may be worried about the new hire taking their job.

So, should you re-hire boomerang employees? It depends. Consider the pros and cons carefully before making a decision. If you do decide to go ahead with it, make sure you’re clear about your expectations and that you have a plan in place for integrating the new hire into the company.

Five questions to ask yourself when considering re-hiring a boomerang employee:

1. What are the reasons they left in the first place?

Was it due to a personal issue or were they unhappy with the company? If it was the latter, then there’s a risk that they may not be any happier if they come back.

2. Have they been gone long enough to have gained new skills and knowledge?

If they left your company to further their education or gain new experience, then it may be worth considering re-hiring them. However, if they’ve only been gone for a short time, they may not have gained enough new skills to justify their return.

3. Are they familiar with the company’s current culture?

If your company’s culture has changed since the employee left, they may have difficulty re-adapting. Make sure you’re clear about the current culture and that the employee is comfortable with it before moving forward.

4. How will other employees react to the new hire?

Will they be happy or resentful? If there’s likely to be resentment, it may not be worth going ahead with the re-hire.

5. What are your expectations for the employee?

Be clear about what you expect from the employee in terms of job performance and hours worked. If you’re not sure they’ll be able to meet your expectations, it’s probably best not to move forward.

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