Great Job Descriptions Hire Great Candidates

Great Job Descriptions Hire Great Candidates

In a perfect world, everyone who applies for an open position at your company is well qualified, enthusiastic and a good fit for your work environment.

But let’s be realistic. Many job descriptions are written quickly and come across as vague and unfocused. This approach encourages a high volume of unqualified applicants and also deters some of your best prospects. Because here’s the bottom line: if you want to attract quality applicants, you need to write a quality job description.

Writing a great job description can be a bit challenging, but it’s also easier than it seems. With some additional planning—and possibly some help from the best wordsmith on your team—you’ll have a job description designed to help you hire the best candidates in your field.

How to get started:

Decide what you’re looking for.

Start by asking yourself what your company really needs. What type of individual will thrive in your environment? What are your current team’s weak points? What kind of employee would complement and enhance your existing workforce? Answering these questions will help you gain a deeper understanding of what you’re looking for in a new employee.

Describe your work environment.

Most job postings spend a lot time describing qualifications and say very little about company culture. Big mistake. The culture of any workplace is extremely important for a prospective candidate. Include a snapshot of what your environment is like in your description. How big is your team? Is this a high-pressure environment or a more laidback 9-5 operation? Do most employees spend their day working independently or is the workplace highly collaborative? The right candidates will be highly interested in this information and thus, it’s in your best interest to include it.

Be realistic.

Another common job description error is to make too many vague requests. Don’t provide a long laundry list of qualifications that you think an applicant should possess. Instead, consider asking only for the most crucial skills. What most companies are really looking for is an experienced candidate who learns quickly and adapts well. If you ask for too many things, some of your best prospects might look elsewhere.

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